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What One Male Escort Learned About Women From Traveling With His Female Companion

There are some things you cannot learn from a book or in a class. Some things you need to learn from the world out there. Part of an escort’s job or an escort interpreter’s job is to gain real-world experience from his clients. One man has chosen to share some of the experiences with women within his profession. Some of what he has learned may surprise some of you.

  1. Women want and need you to be courteous and kind. I do not care whether you are an interpreter and a simple escort, they want you to be gentle and kind. You need to be confident too. I find there is a big difference between being confident and arrogant. Women pick up on the differences right away. Show her some fun.I find that you can have fun without falling into bed. There is a common misconception with escorts. They think we all want sex. In fact, the opposite is true. Sex is the last thing on our minds. We are not hired or trained for sex. Sex dies out eventually, but chivalry never dies away.
  2. You need to be honest with the person you are entertaining. You never want to come with a hidden agenda. They are being honest with you, so you need to return the favor. Selling yourself is part of being an escort. The women and men need to feel they can trust being with you.
  3. You can be intimate without going to bed. Some of my clients cannot distinguish the difference. I try not to do business with them. True intimacy is something that is earned. I have been more intimate emotionally with some of the clients I do business with more than my personal relationships.
  4. Women like men who know how to cook. I cannot tell you how many clients complain to me about their men not knowing how to cook. I cook in my personal life. My job as an escort does not allow me to cook. Men need to learn how to make a simple meal. Women are impressed by a home-cooked meal and not a fancy dinner.

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